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Innovation in which India has traditionally excelled. Product Innovation are however tangible. The success though of a typical innovation combines a great product with a deep understanding of the market and the commercial side of innovation, even though at the outset many products may not even be well defined market. BlueSkyAngels envisions to support 100,000 breakthrough ideas as the first initial target.


​Big breakthroughs often involves a huge leap of faith. Sometimes there is just not enough quantifiable research or data to build a creditable business case. The assumptions being considered are very reasonable, but there is always the haunting question of, “what if we are wrong?” There can be both a real financial cost and a reputation cost (personal and organizational) when the idea does not live up to expectations. Blockbusters ideas are not just are risky business for the innovators but also for the Mentors and Angels.
Evolving an Ecosystems to ensure that these ideas flourish, is a painstaking, often iterative and tedious process. Innovators often become very fragile during the last leg of the process requiring a lot of maturity on part of the Angels to ensure that final goal.   Blockbusters usually take a lot of time and effort to design,debug and implement. They frequently have impact across several pre-set norms, patterns and markets.Blue Sky Angels will have a product and technology bias in supporting innovation but that does not 

integrated seed funded

eHealthTBI/s Seed Support Fund (sponsored by Technology Development Board,Govt of India)  is now being scaled up as a

full fledged  Angel fund with the name and style   "Blue Sky Angels" . The Seed Support Fund has pioneered a unique model called "Unified Appraisal Process" in partnership  with Corporation Bank provides collateral free debt funding through its special Innovation Branch.  The Branch Manager and the Sr.GM of the Bank are members of the investment Committee and as soon as the revenue model scale up to support debt the same is provided seamlessly.
continuing basis, then they are going to have to take on that challenge. They will have to find ways to get more and more people inspired to think about, and willing to commit themselves to the tremendous effort needed to bring those exhilarating opportunities to life. These companies will have to provide some courageous leadership and provide freedom and space for innovation to flourish.

Venture FUNDs invest across asset classes

Given all these risks and difficulties, it is easy to understand the discrepancy between talk and action. In fact, as business models scale up to become large organizations, and as they
become large, they start struggling in re inventing themselves.  They do not lack great ideas, but they suffer from the lack of people stepping up as leaders to combat the same set of factors that enabled them to break the ceiling in the first place. If one is really serious about generating blockbuster ideas on a


Traditionally VC/PE funds allocate funds across different asset classes. The have a commitment to deliver returns to their investors forcing them to put pressure and emphasis on immediate business results. Start-ups often hear the migraine inducing, constant pounding of quarterly earnings expectations, and the importance of that message gets communicated very clearly during every interaction. As a result, the current VC/PE funds and fund managers are forced allocate a small percentage of their total portfolio to support future big ticket ideas. Even if they did take a position they expect promoters to deliver today’s results and create opportunities that ensure fulfillment of tomorrow’s expectations. That is a very tall order, since meeting today’s numbers is more than a full time job for most. There are some very creative individuals, who would love to be able to sacrifice earnings for a quarter or two in order to invest in future profits for the long 
haul.Unfortunately that is just not acceptable these days. Success today is based on uninterrupted growth – today and tomorrow, as unrealistic as that may sometimes seem.